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The Academy for professional development at Modern College of Business and Science has been operating for almost a decade. The Academy has support from the faculty and staff – all the employees assist the center in teaching and learning processes and curriculum development. Supported by MCBS, one of the 10 best business schools in the Gulf, the center designs professional courses that are relevant for the industry and time. In addition to English for Work Environment, IT and IATA and Aviation programmes, soft skill courses such as Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, The Academy offers short courses for job seekers and new employees, programmes designed specifically for women, WEB (Women Education in Business), but also Project Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Advanced Leadership courses.

The center follows ADRI (Approach, Deployment, Results and Improvement) approach to ensure the business cycle follows high quality standards. The training courses are prepared based on the thorough research of Omani industry needs, international standards (through World Economic Forum), Omani vision but also taking into account individual needs of the participants. Our programs encompass a variety of courses that help Omanis discover their strengths and weaknesses, improve their personal and professional skills in various fields, work in teams, accomplish tasks and gain more confidence as leaders. The curricula are designed having transdisciplinary approach in mind to foster the skillset and mindset needed for the 21st century.  As an evidence of our quality of delivery we are proud to have a substantial number of returning clients – MoE, OPAL, ROHM, Oman Cement, National Finance, Oman Air, OIFC, OAAA, OGH, Environment Authority and many more.

To ensure that the delivery of the program is diverse and relevant, The Academy brings together well qualified, experienced, and professional trainers from within the college and from the industry. Teams of professors and coaches from diverse professional and cultural background have a unified goal – equipping both young and experienced people with skills they need for a local and international job market.

In short, The Academy dedicates its full energy and expertise to delivering high quality professional and tailored training and consultancy based on local needs and international practices and standards. We are especially proud of our methodology which is tailored for executive education. Our courses are taught through role plays and simulation, participants find themselves in a relevant environment where training is combined with coaching – we do not give answers, we ask right questions. Only after the participants produce their ideas, do we introduce best practices and success stories from the international and local organisations relevant to their field. Finally, the participants are given homework – a task to implement at their workplace. Our training practices are based on Harvard Business School practices. We create a professional, safe, highly interactive and inclusive environment where participants can feel free to express themselves and their ideas without fear of being judged. The Academy celebrates diversity of thought.

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What Our Clients Say

We are very happy to be dealing with the college where an English language educational program was organized to suit the nature of work in the industry and business. The books and the teaching method were entertaining for the employees, which gave them the opportunity to develop their English language and was reflected in their performance at work.

Dr. Hilal Saif Al Dhamri

General Manager Manufacturing - Oman Cement Company
Dr. Hilal Saif Al Dhamri

I would like to highlight a few things relevant to our experience with MCBS Training Center: The MCBS training team are so dynamic and patient to meet the requirements, expectations, and respond to the client’s demands. The team were dedicated to tailor the complete program alongside with us and they were adaptive to any changes based on our Management feedback. Very professional in communication and response prior and throughout the program and professionalism was maintained especially during the pandemic period. Although the program is ongoing, we have already sensed the quality of education provided which reflected on their capabilities and competencies. Finally, according to my personal experience, the service was exceptional, comparing with other providers I have worked with.

Mr. Khalid Al Balushi

Sr. Manager, HR & Administration - OIFC Khedma
Mr. Khalid Al Balushi

One of our best of the best partner in the Sultanate. Working with “MCBS – CCEPS” I can say that we have found our perfect partner. The great achievement that we both managed to reach was because of the professional and experienced team of CCEPS.

Taj Al Zadjali

Oman Fiber Optic, Business Development Manager
Taj Al Zadjali