Acting Director
Brief info

As a linguist, English language educator and manager, Ms Aleksandra has worked in
several fields, as translator, interpreter, export department specialist, lecturer,
trainer, and training center director in Oman, South Korea, Turkey and Serbia since

In Turkey, she worked in a textile industry as an English trainer and was then moved
to the export department where her main job was communication with Northern
European clients and following up with the production department and quality control
to make sure that the products are prepared in a timely manner and with high quality.
In South Korea, she conducted approximately 1,200 English language presentations
(Gyeonggi English Culture Foundation, 2006-2008) and taught all ages and proficiency
levels in both corporate and community spheres (Seoul, 2008-2013).

In Oman, she has served as lecturer, trainer, Coordinator of English Programs and
Acting Director of The Academy at Modern College of Business Science, Muscat, since
November 2013.

Ms Aleksandra is a flexible and adaptable professional with a broad-ranging skill set –
in leadership, communication, teamwork – equally comfortable working with children,
youth and high-ranking government and corporate business clients. She works well
under pressure and is familiar with cultural and intercultural communication of
Europe, East Asia and the Middle East. She plans to always work on her professional
development -she has just obtained a Cambridge Certificate in Circular Economy and
Sustainability Strategies and has enrolled in a Doctoral study titled Contemporary
Business Decision Making.