Customer Service Skills for frontline executives

Starting August 1, 2024


Today’s organizations are known as the ‘customer-centric’ organization. Customer in the most important person. Customer satisfaction is the goal of today’s marketers. In this era of long-lasting customer relationships, superior customer service plays an important role to achieve the marketing objectives. Though it is applicable to both manufacturing and service sectors, it becomes more important and crucial in the service sector. OIFC being one of the important players in the Omani service sector, needs to pay attention to this aspect. The frontline executives who provide the customer service through direct interaction need to be trained in this aspect as they the key touchpoint in the whole process of service delivery and fulfilling the customer needs. They are the first line contact to the customers and can play a key role in building customer relationships and affecting their satisfaction levels. This short course is specifically designed for the frontline executives of OIFC and is aimed at imparting the customer service skills among them.


This course aims at introducing the frontline executives to the fundamental principles of customer service and techniques required to deliver superior and excellent customer service to the frontline executives of OFIC.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of this short course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of customer service in creating satisfaction.
  • Identify different techniques of providing better customer service.
  • Apply or transfer some of the important customer service skills/techniques to their jobs
  • Manage self in the process of delivering the customer service.
  • Apply or transfer some of the important customer service skills/techniques to their jobs


Week 1:  Introduction to customer service

Understanding customer needs, wants and demands. Value delivery and customer satisfaction.

Issue of individual assignment.

Week 2:  Effective communication

Effective communication techniques to be used communicating with the customers in-person or on a call or through email or in a public presentation. Effective communication with verbal and non-verbal cues.

Week 3: Create positive interactions

Positive interactions that result in superior customer experience.

Submission of individual assignment.

Week 4: Resolving customer problems

Techniques to resolve customer problems. Dealing with difficult customers. Calming the upset customers. Regaining the losing customers. Reverse the journey.

In-class test

Week 5: Self-management

Managing job stress while dealing with or providing customer service. Ethics in customer service.

Submission of group project.

Week 6: Project presentations

Winding up the course

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