Digital Marketing Skills

Starting August 1, 2024


In the current digital era, ‘Digitization’ has become the buzzword. Whether it is a giant sales organization or a public service institution, all organizations are shifting towards the application of digital principles in their business process in general and in their marketing processes. While the previous session covered the generic or conventional marketing processes, the proposed training session focuses on imparting digital marketing skills to the frontline executives of OIFC. This short course is specifically designed for the frontline executives of OIFC aiming at enhancing their digital marketing knowledge, understanding, and skills and transforming them into digital marketing professionals.


This course is aimed at imparting the digital marketing skills for the frontline executives of OIFC. This short course introduces various digital marketing terms, topics and strategies relevant to any organization in general and to a service organization in particular.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this short course, the participants will be able to:

  • Learn the digital marketing framework
  • Learn digital marketing skills required for frontline executives
  • Identify key issues related to digital marketing by a service organization
  • Apply some of the basic digital marketing strategies related to their organization and work


Week 1:  Introduction to digital marketing

  • Introductory session. Introduction to digital marketing, Digital marketing .framework. Issues and challenges in digital marketing.
  • Issue of individual assignment.

Week 2:  Digital marketing mix & strategies

Digital marketing tools & digital marketing strategies

Week 3: Content development & marketing

  • Social media marketing. Search engine marketing.
  • Submission of individual assignment.

Week 4: Emerging e-marketing concepts

  • e-branding & e-CRM. Sales funnel.
  • In-class test.

Week 6: Project presentations

Winding up the course

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