How To Lead Successful Organizational Change

Starting August 1, 2024

Aim of the module: 

provide participants with the knowledge, skills and strategies to enable leaders in the organization help themselves and support their people through organizational change. Its focus is on developing change capabilities in leaders.


This workshop intends to help leaders in the organization learn how to navigate through, and execute successful change initiatives.

The main Outcomes will cover: 

  • Change concept and knowledge
  • Prepare organizations to change
  • Managing self
  • Leading others through change
  • Applying effective change management plan


Overview of training contents, objectives and methodology. In this workshop, participants are introduced to the general concept of organizational change.

The  workshop is a comprehensive exploration of the critical change leadership skills/tools required to gain commitment to change.

The main objectives of this training are:

  • ·         Describe the concept of organizational change
  • ·         Explore types of organizational change models
  • ·         Understand reactions to change
  • ·          Assess self and others readiness for change
  • ·         Devise a plan for implementing change




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