Managing Individual Transitions

Starting August 1, 2024
 Aim of the module:  provide participants with the knowledge, skills and strategies to enable them to navigate successfully through change; in specific, it focuses on understanding where people are in relation to the change taking place in their life/organization.


This workshop intends to help individuals learn how to navigate through the significant changes they are facing during times of change.

The workshop will cover:

·         How do people respond to change

·         Change versus transition

·          People reaction to change

·          Change in your personal and professional life


Overview of training contents, objectives and methodology. In this workshop, participants are introduced to the general concept of change during transition. The main objective of this training is:

1.      Differentiate between change and transition.

2.      Identify the 3 stages of transition

3.      Locate yourself in the transition process

4.      Create and implement strategies to successfully move through the 3 stages of transition

5.       Effectively manage the impact of change on individuals


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