Marketing Skills for Insurance Professionals

Starting August 1, 2024 30 hours/5days


This course aims at developing the basic and latent marketing skills among the Marketing Professionals in the insurance sector through professional training. Various marketing skills required for effective marketing of insurance products will be taught in this course. Key topics include, persuading potential customers, gaining lost customers, creating sale, closing the deals, etc. This course focuses on highlighting the importance of customers for any organization. Specific issues such as customer service, determinants customer satisfaction, effective communication with customers, handling objections fruitfully, marketing of insurance products, etc. will be dealt with. Case studies and in-class discussions will be used in teaching the course contents. Project-based teaching methodology is also used where-in the learners will submit and present a project on the relevant topics.


Who should attend?

This short course is designed for the marketing professional or employees working in the marketing department of the insurance sector. The participants need to have a fair idea of the insurance sector as they will guide people on various issues related to investment and financial planning in the field of insurance. Participants are all those employees involved in guidance and suggestions regarding purchase of insurance products, those who have been receiving in-bound calls, those who have been making out-bound calls, and those employees/managers interacting with customers/public related to insurance planning and investment.


Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this short course, the learners will be able to

· Understand the importance of customer to an organization, Appreciate the importance of customer satisfaction in the success of an organization, Understand the role of customer service in creating and enhancing customer satisfaction, Able to effectively perform persuasive communication

· Gain acquire selling skills, conduct a professionally planned sales process, acquire modern selling techniques

· Identify the right professional marketing behavior for an insurance marketing professional


Course Content: 

Theme Course Content  
1  Marketing framework and marketing centric organizations 


  1. Importance of customer service and theory of customer satisfaction 
2  Customer service and satisfaction 


  1. Why to create customer satisfaction? What will satisfy customers? How to create customer satisfaction? Emerging strategies. 
3  Insurance marketing 
  1. Marketing characteristics of insurance services,  
4  Insurance promotion, Communicating with customers 


  1. Initiating a dialogue with customers, Engaging customers in product related discussions 
5  Selling and distribution process 


  1. Handling objections and doubts, Closing the discussion and follow-up 
6  Other marketing skills 


  1. Dealing with difficult customers, Marketing of services. Strategies, Complaint management. 
7  Application 
  1. Case studies and live project 


Workshop Outline:

Total contact hours   30 Hours / 5 days  
Mode   Blended design  
No. of participants  30 


About the faculty:

Dr. Venkat Ram Raj Thumiki has more than 23 years of experience in academics, research and corporate training. His research areas include, consumer behavior, crisis management, entrepreneurship, knowledge management, strategic management and marketing. Dr. Venkat Thumiki is experienced in corporate training and consultancy as well. He has been designing training programs in the areas of Strategic Management, Marketing, Research skills, Communication, Leadership and Change Management. His experience in QA related areas includes, curriculum design, devising and implementing modern pedagogy such as case-based and problem-based teaching, classroom evaluation using rubrics, etc. He has experience in global and local accreditation processes and quality improvement systems




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