Tahaya For Professional Success

Starting August 1, 2024

Aim of the module:  Help  fresh graduates, job seekers and recently employed individuals to discover their strengths and weaknesses, refine their personal and professional skills in various fields, become more confident and experienced during the interview participate in a simulated work environment, teamwork, and tasks and gain more confidence to enter the job market.


Reflecting of my personal and professional identity.

  • Define self awareness and the different types of self awareness
  • The importance of self-awareness

Leadership and Emotional intelligence.

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • What are the five components of EI?

Skills for Tomorrow.

  • Identify benefits and drawbacks of communication and collaboration
  • understand the lifecycle of collaborative teams.

My First Impression.

  • Understand what makes a good cv.
  • Ensure your cv is accurate in content, spelling and grammar.

Professional Writing and Professional Skills.

  • What is an Email?
  • Structure of an Email?
  • Types of Emails.?

I am a brand! ( Personal Marketing ).

  • Explain the role and importance of digital marketing in a rapidly changing business world.
  • Discuss the key elements of a digital marketing.

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